Freitag, 25. November 2011

Cut off the top.

Thanksgiving my friiiends!
We went to kims brother´s house.
everything was decorated. so pretty.
we went there at about 2.
we player hide and seek with hannas cousins colten and branson.
the food was sooo good. turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes, rolls, beans, sweet potatoes and stuffing.
after the early dinner we played and then we had the amazing desert. Mint-chocolate pie and applepie and of course pumpkinpie. After that we went to the Bradeens. We played a lot of games there, talked and watched football. Hanna and me had a sleepover in my room -again :) we watched tv and had some food, haha yes we ate pretty much!
We had to get up early this morning (Friday) (the black friday) because we drove to the skiconto. And its soo pretty here. Hanna and I are sharing a room. And we rocked the snow. hahah we both did snowboarding and now were lokking for some furniture ideas online. :) taha



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