Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

there is something in your eyes.

Hallöchen :)
hab endlich mal wieder etwas längeres geschrieben!
Schule, Führerschein, lernen und Freizeit ist ziemlich anstrengend.
Vorallem im Winter, wenn man die meiste Zeit angeschlagen ist...
In Weihnachtsstimmung bin ich dieses Jahr garnicht, Plätzchen gehn
zwar leider trotzdem,... aber Weihnachtsmärkte zum Beispiel nerven
mich nur. Viel zu Viele Menschen die einfach mitten im gehen stehen bleiben
und von allem zu viel.
Am Meer müsste man leben und Palmen schmücken!! :)

All the thing he says to me in the night.
Whispering freedom when I am in a fight,
with myself.

This boy can take me away,
through night and day, I want you to stay.
The way he makes me feel,
you can always make me heal.
He says to me I am to old to be so shy,
so I blow out all the candles.
In silence we share the most words.
Under the sheets, between covers,
you knew we will become lovers.
We learn from the time
that can not be reversed.
Learn from things we hate the most.
One look and I get high.
One rainy day, we will fly.
Away, away.

Drifting away from everything around us,
all the people that surround us,
the passion between us, all the thing we keep on multiplying
every discovery is a plus.
The beauty
is you, my cutie.
When life seems grey and blue
we walk along a new unknown avenue.
One look and I get high.
One rainy day, we will fly.
Away, away.

You are my truth to the world,
trusting nobody except you,
you like my bird,
love to hear I love you too.
Sometimes there is a smoke
it makes us choke,
but the love we have
did not started to be regret.
The very first day we have met,
I will never forget.
Your blue eyes shined into mine,
I felt so fine.
You were holding my hand, secretly
and somehow it was just correctly.

Because we are suppose to be.