Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

move honey, i can´t see the way!

same ****, different day.
well school is pretty boring and sucks, when you feel like
flying, i mean the bad feeling when youre sick. Cuz i think i got a flu.
after finishing the homework we stayed at home and just enjoyed the silence haha.

chaple day
After school we went to a store to rent some skii and snowboard stuff for the year, after that we bought some posters for our room, well were decorating it, (just the walls).
ok then we went to german restaurant and we, hanna and me ate fish and chips haha, wasn´t that good and the music was pretty annoying.
for the first time i´ve made my own special ice-cream. not really, but i mixed it.
peanutbuttercream with oreo, caramel and brownie YUMM ;)
then we did homework and i did my nails haha, now im watching tv with kim and go to bed soon.


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