Samstag, 27. August 2011

can´t help myself if u lokk like an angel

today was awesome we all were on the lake in idaho an the house is so super
the weather was hot, we did a little boat trip and relaxed in the sun, so i got a sunburend
and hanna drove me trough the forrest in a little red car a off road car i dont know the name
so yesterday the poolarty was great, i meet al lot of people and the bbQ was tasty and oh jep this evening we went to a restaurant hanna and me got the same food and it was really spicey so we only drunk our huckleberry shake sooo felicious would be something like a blueberry in germany.
and also last night i dreamed for the first time in english :)

sooooo i im in love with spokane
mum can we move?! (:

xoxo good night

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