Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

I wish I was a littlebit taller, i wish i had a boyfriend and a rabbit, hahhaa

Happy Easter ;)
Oh men i´s kind of funny, i go to France in 2 days, but i don´t really speak french. That´s embrassing, because my little cousin can speak and understand more than me -.- hahha, but thats okay she´s teaching me ;)
Nice picture will be comming ;**
Facebook raubt mir mein schlaf ahha ;)
Amelie bei Germany´s next Topmodel muss einfach gewinne, allein schon wegen den haaren ;)!!!
YOU take me higher, higher than i´ve ever been before ;+

schaut ma wieeeeeee süß :D

I love Freaks, mittlaüfer sind laaaaaaaangeweilig ;9

xoxo gut nacht

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