Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Religion or Love?

I think this Topic ist the most discussed one this year so far.
We could go on and on.. but why do we even call it Religion?
Why do we separate it, if we all believe in the same things, or should
believe in the same, Love and inner Peace.
I love that Religion brings so much Joy, Faith and Hope to the most.
But why would some Religion say you can't eat this, can't do that or only men
can do this? Why are they judging each other, compare them, or even kill Realtives.
If there would be a God, why do different rules exist?
Why does even one Culture claims the right for one specific Religion?
Or why do we assimilate one Religions with one Race?
If there is something, then i would call it a Spirit or a Energy,
because this is all it should do, and give us, ...Energy and Strength!
But, as i am writing this, all of these "Characteristics" are in us.
We are, our own Motivator, our own Temple of Love.
Our mindset is everything.
Love comes from the Heart, from actions that others will do,
kind words, or even recognizing the Beauty in Nature, in your own Being.
No need of a dumb Religion.
And this is not meant to sound pejoratively.


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